Full-on 精神强烈紧张时用的短语

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The script of this programme 本节目台词


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    Feifei: 大家好!欢迎收听《地道英语》。我是冯菲菲。

    William: Guten tag! Ich heisse Wilhelm Kremer.

    Feifei: Eh? 你怎么说起德语了,William?

    William: Ach, sorry Feifei. It"s because I"ve just got back from a long holiday in Germany.

    Feifei: Ah, did you have a nice time?

    William: I did indeed but it was quite full-on, what with all the walking and cycling and beer drinking. I didn"t have much time to just, you know, just relax and read my book.

    Feifei: What was that phrase you just used, William? You said your holiday was quite... something?

    William: It was quite full-on. My holiday was full-on because I didn"t have time to relax.

    Feifei: So full-on means busy?

    William: No, no, not quite. It"s actually quite a vague phrase.

    Feifei: Vague 比较模糊的。

    A man sky-diving into Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

    Sky-diving is a full-on sport

    William: But because it"s vague it"s quite useful. Full-on can mean busy but it can also mean, for example, upsetting or emotional. Basically, if something is intense it can be described as full-on.

    Feifei: 通常在使用这个短语的时候,我们想说明一件事情使人非常紧张,或者这件事情非常费力;尤其当这件事情本身很费体力,搞得你精疲力尽的。我觉得咱们得来听些例句。

    A: How was the training?

    B: It was really great but hard work. It started at 8am and finished at 6 with only half an hour for lunch, so it was pretty full-on.

    A: Have you seen that new war film?

    B: No, not yet.

    A: It"s brilliant but it"s really full-on.

    B: Do you mean in terms of the violence?

    A: Yeah and also it"s quite upsetting. I wasn"t quite ready for that!

    Feifei: 第一个对话中,说话双方在讨论一个时间安排非常紧凑的培训课程。第二个对话中说话双方在讨论一个非常令人不安的战争影片。因为短语 full-on 要表达的意思比较模糊,所以在第二个对话中,说话一方为了确认他对这个短语的理解是正确的,和另一方核实了自己的理解。

    William: Yes. And there is another usage of this phrase too. It can refer to something that is proper or complete or authentic.

    Feifei: Authentic 纯正的。

    William: Let"s listen to this example.

    A: Have you ever been to a full-on Italian wedding?

    B: No...

    A: It"s amazing. There is just so much food!

    Feifei: 在这个例子中,说话的一方在谈论一个 full-on 意大利婚礼,这里 full-on 的意思是地道的,纯正的。也就是说这个婚礼是地地道道传统的意大利婚礼。

    William: Have you heard this phrase much, this phrase full-on, since you moved to the UK, Feifei?

    Feifei: Yes, I have actually.

    William: Is it something that your friends maybe use often?

    Feifei: Yes, my friends use it quite a lot and I use it.

    William: OK. Well we don"t want this edition of Authentic Real English to be too full-on for our listeners so let"s end it there.

    Feifei: Remember to check our website www.bbcukchina.com for lots more useful English words and phrases. Bye for now.

    William: Auf Wiedersehen!

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