Too Right 太对啦!

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The script of this programme 本节目台词


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    Feifei: 大家好,欢迎收听《地道英语》。我是冯菲菲。

    William: And I"m William Kremer.

    Feifei: So are you going to the gig tonight?

    William: No! I didn"t get tickets; I"m really gutted.

    Feifei: Gutted 特别失望、特别伤心。

    William: Do you know anyone who has a spare ticket Feifei?

    Feifei: Well it just so happens that I have one. I take it you would like it?

    William: Too right!

    Feifei: Sorry?

    William: I said too right!

    Feifei: So you do want the ticket?

    William: Yeah of course I do! I said too right. That"s two words: T-O-O; second word, right; R-I-G-H-T

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    Am I the best dressed man in this room? Too right I am!

    Feifei: So too right means you agree?

    William: Yes. In English we tend to use the phrase too right when we completely agree with something.

    Feifei: 在英语里当你非常同意一个观点的时候,就可以说 too right.

    William: Let"s hear some examples.

    A: Let"s go out dancing this weekend!
    B: Too right.

    A: I think footballers are paid too much money.
    B: Too right they are.

    William: So in the first example the speaker agreed by saying too right. In the second example the speaker used too right with the pronoun "they" and the verb "are".

    Feifei: 在第二个例子中我们听到 too right they are 这句话, too right 这个短语和代词 they are 用在一起是为了加强语气。

    William: Let"s hear another example of using too right with a pronoun.

    A: Sorry! I"ll pay for the damages to your car.
    B: Too right you will.

    Feifei: Well I think that is a very useful phrase.

    William: Too right it is!

    Feifei: 好了,别忘了登陆我们的网站学习更多最新的《地道英语》表达,网址是

    William: Right Feifei, we better getting going to that gig; it"s going to be great!

    Feifei: Too right!

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