Cheesed Off 恼火的

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    The script of this programme 本节目台词

    Feifei: 大家好!欢迎收听由 BBC Learning English 为您制作的《地道英语》节目。我是冯菲菲。

    Natalie: Hi I"m Natalie.

    Feifei: What"s wrong with you?

    Natalie: Sorry Feifei, I"m in a really bad mood today.

    Feifei: Why what"s happened?

    Natalie: Well I got this beautiful dress on sale on Saturday and then I spilt coffee all over it this morning! Do you see that stain?

    Feifei: Oh no! 希望能洗得掉,否则就不能再穿了。

    Natalie: I hope it"s not ruined either! I"m really cheesed off about it.


    Cheesed off means to be annoyed

    Feifei: 你说什么?不小心给裙子上撒上了咖啡,怎么又和奶酪联系起来了呢?我不太懂。

    Natalie: No I"m cheesed off. C.H.E.E.S.E.D O.F.F means I"m really annoyed.

    Feifei: 短语 cheesed off 的意思就是恼火的,生气的。 Well Natalie try not to be too cheesed off, it"s only a dress and on the bright side of things you have shown us a new phrase… cheesed off.

    Natalie: Yeah, well here are some more people using the phrase cheesed off.

    A: Is Charlie OK?
    B: I don"t know, he was pretty cheesed off earlier.

    A: I can"t believe you didn"t get to go on that trip.
    B: I know, I"m completely cheesed off about the situation.

    Feifei: Have you cheered up yet?

    Natalie: Yeah! I"ve just realised that this is not my new dress!

    Feifei: What?! So all that fuss was over nothing!

    Natalie: Yeah, you see this looks like my new dress, but actually this is… the dress I borrowed off you.

    Feifei: Hang on! That is my dress! Now I"m cheesed off!

    Natalie: Sorry! I"ll buy you a new one!

    Feifei: You"d better!

    Natalie: Well I"d better go and buy Feifei a new dress, but don’t forget to check out more Authentic Real English programmes on our website. That"s Bye!

    Feifei: Bye

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