Brunch 早午餐

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The script of this programme 本节目台词


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    Feifei: 大家好,欢迎收听由 BBC Learning English 为您带来的《地道英语》节目。我是冯菲菲。

    Natalie: And I"m Natalie. What was that?!

    Feifei: 不好意思,是我的肚子在乱叫。今天早上时间太紧,没来得及吃早饭,现在饿得前心贴后背。My stomach is grumbling for some food!

    Natalie: Well, we could go for some brunch after the programme.

    Feifei: Brunch?

    Natalie: Yes, B.R.U.N.C.H. brunch.

    Feifei: What is brunch?

    A fried egg on toast

    Brunch is usually a hot meal, e.g. eggs on toast.

    Natalie: Well brunch is a portmanteau word which is when two words and their meanings are combined together to form a new word.

    Feifei: Brunch 是一个合成词,也就是由两个单词组成一个新的单词。

    Natalie: So listen to the word brunch. Which two words do you think have been joined together to make it?

    Feifei: Let me think… brunch…

    Natalie: I think you definitely need to get some brunch! Your stomach is calling out for some food! OK, brunch is made from the words breakfast and lunch.

    Feifei: Brunch 是由单词早餐 breakfast 和午餐 lunch 组成的。So brunch is a meal between breakfast and lunch?

    Natalie: Yes, it"s usually in place of breakfast and lunch, as it"s too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, so we call it brunch.

    Feifei: So this meal usually involves a lot of food?

    Natalie: Yes as some people replace breakfast and lunch with this meal it tends to be a big meal! But don"t worry people in Britain tend to only have brunch now and again. It can be very popular to have brunch on a Sunday.

    Feifei: 在英国,很多人更喜欢在星期天享用一顿 brunch. I know why! Sunday lie-ins 星期天睡懒觉 – 这样一来错过早餐,吃午餐又太早,所以早午餐再合适不过了。

    Natalie: I think we"d better go get you some brunch Feifei!!

    Feifei: Yes I think that"s a good idea! 请随时登陆我们的网站,学习更多的时尚《地道英语》表达。下次节目再见!

    Natalie: Bye!

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