Adsense-ble, Or The Art Of Promoting, Without Promoting

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Hey, wait a minute. You can"t have popups on the page. Ok, no problem. Moreover, you can"t tell anyone you have an ad from Google on the page. You can"t write about it, point to it or tell someone to click on it

Also, remember that you are not allowed to make a traffic pulling page, with no other way to leave it beside the ad. You must have more links on the page (now what, will anyone notice it?).

So how can you help up your click conversion rates?

1.Placement. Do not hide your ad. Put the ad to the left or somewhere near the top to ensure that anyone will see it without any scrolling.

2.Colors. There are several schools, each one pulling their way. One way is to contrast the ad as much as possible (but still possible to read it). The second one is to blend in the ad with your site as much as possible.

Click conversion rates

People say that a click through of 5-10% is very good, while others are happy with 3-5%. I have pages reaching 30% click through and they have several product and affiliate links, plus sales copy for products.

How to get that high click throughs?

My secret weapon is trying to make my WebPages as likable as possible for Google.

I have found that better ranking on your search term (for a page) in Google, increases the click through. Not because you get some secret bonus or extra points (according to those who know, are there no connection between the Google search engine and adsense).

However, I believe that if the Google search engine ranks you high, then you have created a webpage that Google understands very well. Therefore, when the adsense ad is placed and Google scan your page to determine the content of the ads to show, it also will find the page clear and understandable, and as a result choose very targeted ads.

All of this boils down to using the page tags, content, headers and similar to focus on a very narrow search term. People coming in after finding the web page in the search engine (and having read the title and description), actually find exactly what they where looking for. In addition, the ads showing are exactly in the area they where looking and will pull a higher click rate, then ads showing for someone looking after arriving from a false or misleading link.

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