What To Do When Youre Short On Time And Long On Need!

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Everyday life can present us with opportunities to make us squirm. Countless numbers of tasks that we are juggling can cause dead lines to make that big swishing sound as they go flying by us. So, the next time you find yourself short on time and long on need, don"t take a long walk off a short pier. Try this instead.

That"s The Way The Ball Bounces!

Have you ever wondered why? Words! Yep, that"s it, those tiny little stinking no good for nothing, words that you don"t even remember saying; Maybe two months ago, maybe a year ago, maybe last week.

You might not want to hear this; but, words have a creative force inside them. They create whatever meaning they contain. They are like a seed planted in the ground. They will bring forth whatever they are.

You plant an apple seed you gonna get apples. And I don"t care how much you wish it was bananas; it ain"t gonna happen. Now, we all know this is true and no one with half a brain will argue with it.

A Backhanded Compliment!

But, isn"t it amazing how we go around saying junk like; "that"s just my dumb luck", "I think I"m taking a cold", "they"re not ever going to give me that raise", etc. And then we are shocked beyond belief when life slaps us upside the head with a dead fish. We say, "Wha"d I do?

Ah...don"t even try to figure it out. It"s long gone now and the words have already done their damage. You see, most of the time, we don"t pay any attention to the words themselves and their repercussions.

But, try this on for size; you are actually creating your entire world with the words you speak. Proverbs tells us that, "life and death are in the power of the tongue". So, don"t get mad at me, I didn"t say it, Proverbs is a lot older than I am. :>)

Bone Of Contention!

Another way you could say it is; success and failure are in the words we speak; poverty and prosperity are in the words we speak; health and sickness are in the words we speak. That"s not always a comforting thought, to think that we might have some responsibility for some of the junk we"ve produced.

Right now, ask yourself this question! "How do I feel emotionally at this moment"? Do you feel up? Do you feel down? Do you know why? The words you speak on a daily basis are the ignition switch directly to your emotions.

Your words are like a generator; your emotions are like a receiver. Every time you turn your generator on, you send signals to your receiver that will respond in kind. Send positive words, you"ll get a positive emotional response, send negative destructive words, you"ll get a negative response.

Just By Word Of Mouth!

You can make yourself sick with words; you can make yourself well with words. You can make yourself afraid of your own shadow with words. You can even kick a gift horse right in the mouth with your own words; I know I"ve done it.

If you need to make some drastic changes in your life, start paying attention to the words of your mouth. Many times in a difficult and challenging situation, your head will tell you; you"re sunk, it can"t be done, your goose is cooked, and all sorts of garbage.

The only reason your head says that is because you"ve said something sometime damaging with your mouth. Your head would not have known to say that to you if your mouth had not taught it to your head.

By retraining your mouth, you by default, retrain your head. Then your heart will begin to send up the words that you retrained it with. Your heart will say things like, "I"m more than a conqueror!" And, "no matter what happens, I win!"

Time For An About Face!

"Vegas, are you telling me that I can make things start going right in my life by getting rid of my foot-n-mouth disease?" Absolutely! In fact, it"s the surest way when you find yourself short on time and long on need.

You see, when your emotions receive words that heal and uplift, then you will feel energized and empowered. You will feel a stirring down in your belly that you"ll want to keep. And, the way you keep it is by putting a watch over your mouth.

Anyone who has never experienced what I"m talking about is truly living on the short end of the stick. You really have to experience the feelings that take place in your emotions to fully understand what this can do and what it"s all about.

Down On Your Luck?

I don"t care how beat down someone is or how bad their circumstances may be. By retraining your mouth you can experience emotions that you never thought you had, beginning in only three days.

But, don"t be one who makes excuses rather than taking control over your mouth. I will tell you this; it"s not easy to retrain your mouth. Not because it"s hard in and of itself. What makes it so hard is; people have a hard time believing that their mouth could cause them so much trouble.

So, they look for other solutions that seem to be more believable. Solutions that are hard and complicated. Like getting "even" when someone has wronged them.

Better To Forgive And Forget!

Well guess what? During the time they"re planning their vengeance; their mouth is talking about what they"ll do. And, all that garbage is being funneled down into their emotions to cause future problems.

And, even if they"re not verbalizing audibly what they"ll do, they"re meditating on it which is creating bad vibrations that are being sent to the emotions. And, the emotions can"t resist it because our emotions are just a receptacle.

Another thing you can do is; stop trying to know that every thing in your life is as it should be. Relax your mind, your emotions, and your body. It"s when we"re thinking of only our self that we face our greatest struggles.

Serious As A Heart Attack!

That"s when we see nothing but grief darkness and failure. No one, not even God can change you or your circumstances as long as you insist upon looking at and thinking of and worrying about yourself and your problems.

Your problems may be severe, but your mind will make them much worse than what they really are. And, then your emotions will make you feel like life is just a series of disappointments followed by death.

There is a part of human nature that seems to thrive on making us focus on "us". Especially when we are focusing on the troubles and challenges we are facing. In fact, there is probably nothing our human nature would rather think about than "us".

So Hungry I could eat a?.

So, on the lighter side, let me leave you with this; if you feel that things are really bad right now; then try eating one live toad first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day. I promise. :>)

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