Sundays 星期天

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Hello. I have noticed that all the shops in the UK were closed very early on Sunday. What do English people normally do on Sunday? Spending time with family or just watching television at home?

Jing, Beijing


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    For many people in Britain, Sunday is a day for gardening, washing the car and going to the pub. Some see it as a precious day of rest and the chance to catch up with all the things they are too busy to do during the week.

    The traditional Sunday consists of shops closing early and roast dinners with the family but what do people make of this? Are we beginning to go against this trend of a designated day for relaxation?

    Two people eating lunch at the pub

    Two people enjoying Sunday lunch at their local pub

    Join Andrea and Jean as they find out what people really like to do on Sundays and whether this traditional day of rest may be turning into something quite different altogether.

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